Team BA Fitness

This program is 4 weeks of customized training.  This includes strength training plans and suggested cardio based on your goals.  The focus of this program can range anywhere from Tough Mudder training, Spartan training, training for a 5K/mini/marathon, sports/agility training, fitness/bikini goals, appearance, gaining lean muscle, losing weight, health, etc.  To get the best results from any training program, it is important to realize that nutrition and training go hand in hand.  I offer multiple nutrition plans that can be paired with any training program.

This Package Includes:

*Customized Strength and Cardio Plans based on your individual goals

*Specific sets and rep ranges for each workout, as well as a suggested weekly split

*Written detailed descriptions of each exercise in the training plan

*Accountability with: Weekly check-ins and unlimited emails access for questions, etc.

*4 Weeks – Price is based on the number of workouts per week! Contact us below for more info!

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Upon purchasing this program, please list the program you are purchasing in the notes section at check-out.  You will receive this program via email after purchase — if you have not received your program within 24 hours, please email *All purchases are final. There are no refunds.*