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Important Disclaimer for Brittnee Ann Fitness LLC



By visiting the website (B-A-Fitness.com) and/or purchasing a program, package, apparel, or other service from our website, Fit Studio, or Brittnee Ann Fitness LLC you agree to having read, accepted, and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions (“terms of use”, “terms of service”, “terms”).  If you are purchasing for an individual under the age of 18,  you are accepting full responsibility as the parent/guardian and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions (“terms of use”, “terms of service”, “terms”).  If you do not agree to adhere to all the terms and conditions, then you shall not access the website or purchase/use any service.

Through visiting our website and/or purchasing a program, package, apparel, or other service from Brittnee Ann Fitness LLC, you agree you will not share, duplicate, reproduce, copy, sell, resell, or exploit any part of Brittnee Ann Fitness LLC, Brittnee Ann, or Fit Studio, any part of the website, and any part of the package, program, apparel, or service.

You have read and agree to having filled out all paperwork/personal information to your best ability, honestly, and completely.  You agree that all paperwork submitted is complete and understand that we can only produce individual/effective programs based on what is submitted. Brittnee Ann Fitness LLC is not responsible for any information provided or withheld from paperwork, discussions, documents, etc.

All new content, features, programs, or tools added to the website are subject to the Terms and Conditions.  You can preview the most updated version on this page at all times.  We reserve the right to change or update any part of these terms and conditions, by posting the updates and(or) changes to our website.  Choosing to use the website and/or Brittnee Ann Fitness LLC services constitutes your acceptance to adhere to any and all changes and/or updates to the terms and conditions.

Online challenges/packages/programs are entirely online.  Communication is through email and/or private Facebook group (if part of a challenge).  Unless purchased separately, the online programs do not include any in-person sessions.  (In person sessions can be purchased and added to the online packages).  Online challenges/programs must be used in a continuous manner/timeline that is based on the purchased package.  For example: If you purchase a 4-week customized program, you will receive a new weekly plan each week for 4 weeks.  On your 4th week, you will need to purchase another package to continue with your training, nutrition, etc.


Brittnee Ann Fitness LLC (B-a-fitness.com and Fit Studio) is not a replacement for medical care.  Brittnee Ann Fitness LLC and its members, owners, trainers, volunteers, etc. are not doctors. None of Brittnee Ann Fitness LLC’s programs should be executed without permission from a health care provider or doctor.  Any advice or suggestions given from Brittnee Ann Fitness LLC through the website, emails, in person, packages, or programs are not a replacement for medical advice.  You should consult your physician before participating in any of Brittnee Ann Fitness LLC’s nutrition or exercise programs.

There are always health and safety risks with any exercise or nutrition program, for both healthy and unhealthy individuals. It is possible you could become injured doing the exercises in your program, especially if the exercises are not performed correctly.  Brittnee Ann Fitness LLC will do our best to provide explanation for exercises.  Participating in Brittnee Ann’s Fitness programs does involve a risk of injury (as does other exercise programs).  By choosing to participate in one of Brittnee Ann Fitness LLC’s programs or coaching, you are doing so on your own free will and choice, and you are aware of the potential risks of injury or even death.

Brittnee Ann Fitness LLC is not responsible for any health problems or injuries you may experience (or even death) as a result of any nutrition programs, exercise/training programs, workouts, or advice. By participating in Brittnee Ann Fitness LLC’s services/programs, you are agreeing to accept full responsibility for your actions.  All document and information included or exchanged between the client and Brittnee Ann Fitness LLC are that of Brittnee Ann Fitness LLC’s and are not to be copied, shared, sold, or redistributed without consent of Brittnee Ann Fitness LLC.


Even though services and products from Brittnee Ann Fitness LLC are created to be completely followed, they are not always followed and could result in lack of results or progress.  Following the programs completely should result in progress and great results.  However, even when the program(s) is followed completely, a client might not obtain the results/progress they hoped for or were expecting due to issues out of Brittnee Ann Fitness LLC’s control.



All statements, pictures, and testimonies are real.  However, not every client will experience the same results from Brittnee Ann Fitness LLC.  Each client has a different set of goals, genetics, motivation, dedication, and history. Therefore, no one client’s progress should be the standard.  Your progress will be based on your individual factors, dedication, and drive.

*All purchases are final.  There are no refunds.