BA New Year 2019 Kick Off Kit

This kit includes a 6-week and a 4-week challenge.  The challenges include strength, cardio, and core workouts.  The goal of this challenge is to motivate you to get up and moving, help you learn to live an active and healthy lifestyle, and help you connect with other challenge members. During the first 6-week challenge we will work as a group to become stronger, faster, and healthier! The second 4-week challenge we will work as a group to shape up and be confident for swimsuit season!  I created this program and included exercises I have tried and had success with.  Keep in mind, to get the best results from any training program, it is important to realize that nutrition and training go hand in hand.  If you would like to add macronutrient coaching or meal plans to your challenge, message me and I will send you a discounted link:)


Program Details/Includes:

– Part 1: 6-Week Challenge:

  • Start Date – January 7th
  • End Date – February 17th

– Part 2: 4-Week Challenge:

  • Start Date – February 25th
  • End Date – March 24th

– 6 and 4 Week Workout Challenges: Including Strength, Cardio, and Core Workouts (workouts can be completed with dumbbells)(optional: medicine ball, kettlebell, resistance bands, etc.)

– Detailed videos or word document descriptions of each strength, cardio, and core exercise

– Provided rep and time ranges, a specified number of sets, and detailed descriptions of how to perform each workout and exercise

– Program is designed for ALL fitness levels – modifications are provided:)

– Weekly Training Logs – to keep track of workouts and points

– Learn how to set SMART goals and practice setting Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

– Fit Test Fridays (NEW) to test progress!

– Mile/5K Time Trails and PR Challenges

– Program will help you learn/understand how to create a weekly split

– Prizes will be awarded at the end of the 6 and 4 Week Challenges (the winners will be drawn at random – each week your name will be put into the drawing for being active, reaching goals, etc.)

– Unlimited email access for questions, setting goals, weekly training logs, bi-weekly progress updates and check-ins, etc.

– Access to our private Facebook Group:)

– Accountability and friendly comradery:)

*Both 6 + 4 Week Challenges – Training Only $170  (saves you $ to bundle)

Sign Me Up – $170

BA Fitness – Bundle

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